The Making of the Turkey.

The whole first-time-cooking-a-turkey thing was actually much easier than I anticipated. Apparently using a bag is clutch. We smothered it in our beloved Old Bay. And it was amazing. Here’s a few visuals.

Husband got the fun job.

All ready to go!

Here goes nothin

All done and ready to be gobbled!

SO. Now the day is done. Turkey’s cooked, cooled and put away in the fridge. WTF do I do with all that turkey?? Here are a couple recipes (courtesy of both my Mom and my Mother in Law) They both mega easy and both dishes are…dare I say it…better than just eating the turkey alone!

Turkey Pizza

What You Need:
1 pkg Croissants
Classico’s Traditional Basil Pesto (Should be in the spaghetti sauce isle)
Turkey (chopped)
Italian Cheese
Sliced Tomato (optional)

** Turkey can be changed up with chicken or really any kind of meat you like. Also, you can nix the tomatoes if you’re like my husband and can’t stand the taste of raw tomatoes**

What You Do:

Spread the croissants along the bottom of a 9 x 13″ casserole dish (you could also use a cookie sheet or pizza sheet for a crispier crust)

Spread the Basil Pesto (I only used a thin layer, next time, I’ll use more
Pour on the Turkey (chopped)

Smother in Italian Cheese & Place sliced tomatoes on top

Cook according to the time on the Croissant package

Cut into slices and try not to eat the whole dish in one sitting.

Turkey Pot Pie

What You Need:

2 pie crusts
1 pkg frozen veggies (I used mixed veggies, broccoli alone would be good as well)
1 can Cream of Potato Soup
2 c. Chopped Turkey (Also..chicken can be used here for Chicken Pot Pie)

What You Do:

Spread one pie crust on the bottom of pie dish

Mix together veggies, soup and turkey.  Pour on top of bottom crust.

Roll out 2nd crust and place on top of the dish. Pinch together edges
Cut 5-6 slits in top of the crust for steam release.

Cook at 350 for approximately 30 minutes or until edges of crust are golden brown.

Let it cool then dig in.

Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving!


The Thanksgiving Post

So for my Thanksgiving post I intended to do something along the lines of a  “25 days of Thankful” post where every day in November I would jot down what I was thankful for that day. I made it to November 7. So instead I thought I’d do a “25 Things I’m Thankful For” but I could only come up with 10 or 12 or so before I started sounding superficial (i.e. I’m thankful for my Zune, for my computer, for Verizon fixing my phone, for coffee in the morning and so on) I can only say I’m thankful for my Family, Friends and Health in so many ways. (Which don’t get me wrong.  I truly am Thankful for all those things and much more) BUT instead of doing anything like that I chose to amuse you all with some hilar Black Friday ads because let’s be honest, that’s Thanksgiving is really all about.

I will also be cooking my very first turkey this year. Which promises to be amusing. Don’t worry, I’ll be documenting it for your enjoyment.

This one literally made me laugh out loud. And made my husband almost spit out the milk he was drinking. That’s how you know a commercial is funny.

This made me chuckle a little. Genius Idea for a commercial.

And of course the beloved Crazy Target Lady. Did you know she’s also on Twitter?

Hope everyone has a Safe and Happy Thanksgiving!

Red Velvet Cake Truffles

To kick-start the holiday baking season, I’m sharing a recipe I found..where else..but Pinterest. (Pin is here.) (And you can follow my boards on Pinterest here.) These Truffles are AMAZING. Probably the best things about these lil guys is 1) they’re totally versatile. You really can use any kind of cake flavor (next up for me  is carrot cake) and flavor of almond bark that you want. And 2) I used blue food coloring because the recipe I found was from Tiffany’s and they made theirs Tiffany blue. And for some reason my husband was convinced they would taste better if they were Tiffany blue. But the truth is, you can mix any kind of food coloring and make these whatever you want. They’d be great for tailgating, graduations and holidays. The only downside to these is that they’re pretty time-consuming because you have to bake the cake and then let it completely cool. But you can do them in stages so that it doesn’t consume all your time at once.

Here’s what you’ll need:

1 Box Red Velvet Cake Mix (and the ingredients it states on the box you’ll need to make the cake)

1 1/2 c. Cream Cheese Frosting

1 Package White Almond Bark

Food Coloring (optional)

Parchment or Wax Paper

Here’s What You Do:

Cook Cake according to Box and let it cool completely. (For a low-fat Recipe I substituted the suggested ingredients on the box with 12oz. diet soda. this can be tailored to your cake flavor too. Example: White Cake with Diet Orange Soda)


Once Cooled, crumble into a large bowl.


Throughly mix in Cream Cheese Frosting.

Once mixed, Roll mixture into balls and set on wax paper on top of a cookie sheet. I used my hands…so it got pretty messy.


Now they need to chill for several hours. (I froze mine for 2 hours)

Melt Almond Bark on Stove (If for some reason you have a fondue pot lying around that you might have gotten as a wedding gift and have never used *a-hem* this would work best because it keeps the bark at a constant temperature.)

(This is also where you would add the food coloring if you wish to do so.)


Once Almond Bark is melted, Roll balls in the almond bark until covered and lay on parchment or wax paper until cooled. (I just dropped mine in and then fished them out with a fork.)


Once cooled you can pack them up and take them with you or let them refrigerate until ready to eat or be served.

Easy Peasy, Right? Like I said, the recipe isn’t hard, there’s just a lot of waiting around – but totally worth it!

$80 dollars
12.4 Miles
4 Saturdays
3 T-shirts
1 personal best time

Well my month of 5K’s is officially over. And I have to say I’m a bit relieved. I love running but once I challenged myself to run a race every Saturday morning it felt more like an obligation than a hobby/passion. But I had fun none-the-less and that’s all that matters.

I do have to admit that I skipped one Saturday. Rarely does it ever happen that my husband and I have an entire weekend with no plans so instead of scheduling a race that day I decided to stay home and spend the weekend at home. Plus, the closest race was an hour away. Just didnt seem worth it. Besides that one weekend, here’s my schedule.

October 112:1 Run – Danville, Iowa http://www.twelve1run.com/
October 8Gold’s Gym/ Southern Illinois Hospice Run – Marion, Illinois
October 15 iRun  – Carbondale, Illinois http://www.salukirun.com/iRun_Homecoming_5k/HOME.html
October 29Army ROTC Run – Carbondale, Illinois http://armyrotc.siuc.edu/?page_id=305

Most of the runs had something pretty cool and unique about it. The 12:1 run was on a rural highway in Iowa and had 3 or 4 bands playing along side the road as you ran. That was probably the coolest thing from all the runs. The iRun had a guy with a giant eye ball on his head who ran. And the Army/ROTC Run had a runner who carried the American Flag leading all the runners for the whole race.

Even though a couple different ailments kept me from doing my best in a couple different races (massive hills, sick with a cold and shameful to admit, a hangover)  Definitely was a good challenge for me.

I’ve collected all my swag: including the dog tags I earned from the ROTC Run. That’s right, Dog Tags.

And even beat my personal best time in the iRun. And found this pic on their website:

While I dont see myslef running any half marathons or even 10k’s in the future (not sure the attention span is there) I’ve enjoyed this month  and it has definitely reassured my dedication to running.

Happy Halloween!

Well…tomorrow anyway. Per our Halloween tradition again this year we carved pumpkins. Thanks to Pinterest I had a million ideas on painting pumpkins and autumn decorating but then things got busy and time slipped away and I didn’t get any of it done. (Hopefully I’m not as lazy when it comes to Christmas) But alas, here are this year’s pumpkins


I’m sure you can guess which one I did.

This a big year for us – it’s the first year that we will actually get to have Trick-or-Treaters come to our house! Every year in the past we have lived in apartments where it’s not really feasible for Trick-or-Treaters to come to us. So we’re pretty stoked for it this year.

Also to abide by tradition we will be watching Hocus Pocus and I will make my first batch of Homemade hot chocolate tonight.

Oh, and I almost forgot. For the first time in years we actually had a Halloween Party to go to. I decided to be a hippie and Steve decided to be Brian Wilson from the San Francisco Giants.

Hope everyone has a fun and safe Halloween! (Can you believe November is knocking on our door? eek!)

Happy Birthday, N2S!

I decided to recognize the one year birthday of Numann to Sowers with a site overhaul. I realize my theme isn’t REALLY different than the one I had before but I’ve been able to add some more stuff and quite frankly, I’m pretty picky about themes and didn’t find many I really liked. I’m going to work on adding new pages and more frequent posts (I pinky promise!) So for now you can check out the new page (I get lost in it all)  Hope everyone has a great week.

Believe it or not, this post was supposed to be a grocery list after I had cleaned out one of my old notebooks. Needless today, I haven’t started the grocery list.