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So we have a new addition to our little family – Camden!

Bruiser meet Camden. Camden meet Bruiser.

Camden Sowers

Sock Monkey didn't stand a chance.

She loves naptime with Daddy. Prior to this it was just her front paws sticking out from under the covers.

She’s been doing great since she’s been home with us and we’re pretty excited. On a related note: if anyone has any good advice on getting a resident cat and new dog to coexist, it’d be greatly appreciated. ūüôā


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A Reflection on 2011

Well I certainly didn’t think I would be sitting here writing this on December 31 outside on my patio in 60 degree weather. But I also didn’t think a lot of things would happen in 2011 that did.

In my book, 2011 will probably go down as an “alright” year. Even though I have had several things to be thankful for and happy about this year. But first, a look at my 2011 New Years Resolution.

I made a New Years Resolution in January to start running. Of course since I didn’t have a gym membership I had to wait until March when the weather cooperated to begin progress on my resolution. In April I competed in my first ever 5K Run. I started the race confident that there was no way I was going to run the whole thing since to date the farthest I had run at one time was 2 miles. But I kept chugging along and eventually I got to the point where I didn’t care how much more I had to run, I was in it for the long haul. I finished with a not-so impressive time. But…I FINISHED. I have to say that I don’t think I’ve ever had that kind of feeling before and all I knew was I wanted to feel it again. So throughout the year I participated in several 5K Races and continued to run on a regular basis. This year will mark the only year I have actually kept the New Years Resolution that I made in January.

The most notable event that happened in 2011 was my husband and me buying our very first home. It was a tedious process but not much of a long one. We ended up buying the first house we toured. Being homeowners has definitely changed us, I believe. We now know what it feels like to take pride in our home. Whether it’s with landscaping, decorating, (future) remodeling or even with hanging Christmas lights it’s definitely been something that we’ve both enjoyed and has brought us closer together. After years of running around the county it’s nice to be settled for a little bit.

Career wise 2011 was stressful to say the least. I spent much of the year at a job where I was frustrated and unhappy all the time. It was taking over me and I knew eventually I had to do something about it. After numerous interviews and disappointments¬† I finally started a new job in October. The day I turned in my resignation letter was one of the top 3 best days of the year. A huge weight lifted and I felt like all the stress in my life had finally left me. It’s amazing how greed and money can make people so ugly. Now I have a job with no stress¬† and a generous time off schedule. And I’m finally content.

2011 was also the first full year of us being back in the Midwest. So that meant numerous trips home to see our friends and families and even trips to places that are special to us that we finally got to share with each other, like Mizzou for me and Wrigley Field for him. It’s been really great being back closer to the places and people we grew up around.
I’m definitely looking forward to 2012 and everything it has in store for me. I haven’t quite settled on a resolution yet but I’m sure I’ll update when I get one.

Hope everyone has a safe and happy new year and a FABULOUS 2012!

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$80 dollars
12.4 Miles
4 Saturdays
3 T-shirts
1 personal best time

Well my month of 5K’s is officially over. And I have to say I’m a bit relieved. I love running but once I challenged myself to run a race every Saturday morning it felt more like an obligation than a hobby/passion. But I had fun none-the-less and that’s all that matters.

I do have to admit that I skipped one Saturday. Rarely does it ever happen that my husband and I have an entire weekend with no plans so instead of scheduling a race that day I decided to stay home and spend the weekend at home. Plus, the closest race was an hour away. Just didnt seem worth it. Besides that one weekend, here’s my schedule.

October 112:1 Run – Danville, Iowa http://www.twelve1run.com/
October 8Gold’s Gym/ Southern Illinois Hospice Run – Marion, Illinois
October 15 iRun  РCarbondale, Illinois http://www.salukirun.com/iRun_Homecoming_5k/HOME.html
October 29Army ROTC Run – Carbondale, Illinois http://armyrotc.siuc.edu/?page_id=305

Most of the runs had something pretty cool and unique about it. The 12:1 run was on a rural highway in Iowa and had 3 or 4 bands playing along side the road as you ran. That was probably the coolest thing from all the runs. The iRun had a guy with a giant eye ball on his head who ran. And the Army/ROTC Run had a runner who carried the American Flag leading all the runners for the whole race.

Even though a couple different ailments kept me from doing my best in a couple different races (massive hills, sick with a cold and shameful to admit, a hangover)  Definitely was a good challenge for me.

I’ve collected all my swag: including the dog tags I earned from the ROTC Run. That’s right, Dog Tags.

And even beat my personal best time in the iRun. And found this pic on their website:

While I dont see myslef running any half marathons or even 10k’s in the future (not sure the attention span is there) I’ve enjoyed this month¬† and it has definitely reassured my dedication to running.

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Happy Halloween!

Well…tomorrow anyway. Per our Halloween tradition again this year we carved pumpkins. Thanks to Pinterest I had a million ideas on painting pumpkins and autumn decorating but then things got busy and time slipped away and I didn’t get any of it done. (Hopefully I’m not as lazy when it comes to Christmas) But alas, here are this year’s pumpkins


I’m sure you can guess which one I did.

This a big year for us – it’s the first year that we will actually get to have Trick-or-Treaters come to our house! Every year in the past we have lived in apartments where it’s not really feasible for Trick-or-Treaters to come to us. So we’re pretty stoked for it this year.

Also to abide by tradition we will be watching Hocus Pocus and I will make my first batch of Homemade hot chocolate tonight.

Oh, and I almost forgot. For the first time in years we actually had a Halloween Party to go to. I decided to be a hippie and Steve decided to be Brian Wilson from the San Francisco Giants.

Hope everyone has a fun and safe Halloween! (Can you believe November is knocking on our door? eek!)

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Happy Birthday, N2S!

I decided to¬†recognize¬†the one year birthday of Numann to Sowers with a site overhaul. I realize my theme isn’t REALLY different than the one I had before but I’ve been able to add some more stuff and quite frankly, I’m pretty picky about themes and didn’t find many I really liked. I’m going to work on adding new pages and more frequent posts (I pinky promise!) So for now you can check out the new page (I get lost in it all) ¬†Hope everyone has a great week.

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Believe it or not, this post was supposed to be a grocery list after I had cleaned out one of my old notebooks. Needless today, I haven’t started the grocery list.



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Despite this work week seeming to take For-Ev-er (it’s the first full week I’ve worked since June) I woke up Thursday morning to a very touching note from a friend. She is making a big career move and told me that she was taking advice that I had given to her some 7 months ago. A conversation I had set to the back of my mind and almost forgot about was something that she held onto. And then I read the best part. I inspired her. I have to admit that I teared up a little reading that. Our paths cross with so many people and while you remember what it is that YOU take from each person, it’s hard to know if anyone has taken anything away from THEIR encounter with YOU.

Side Note: Not too long ago I looked up my 1st and 3rd grade (I had her both years) teacher’s email address and sent her a little note to see how she was and let her know that there are still things she’s taught me that until this day I remember and use almost on a daily basis. (However corny, this statement is true.) She loved it.

Another small story: I just purchased a new mp3 player and keeping with my despise of everything Apple tomorrow I will be anxiously awaiting the arrival of my new Zune HD. Anyway, I had remembered my running partner mentioned she didn’t have music to listen to while she ran (what tragedy!) So I offered her mine. What I thought was a small gesture apparently made her really happy. Like Facebook status¬† happy.¬† All in all – it made me happy knowing she was so happy. Win, Win.

Moral of today’s post? Never under estimate the power of a simple gesture.

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