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Well its been a while since my last post so let’s catch up. Here’s what I’ve been up to since my last post..

– I Started a new job as Outreach Development Manager at Girl Scouts of Southern Illinois where I am trying to bring our  Girl Scout programming into schools, community centers and housing units.
– My husband and I took a trip to Chicago and I crossed U.S. Cellular Field off my list of stadiums I have yet to visit. (And got to see good friends..always a plus)
– I took a week-long trip home to attend my hometown music festival, Steamboat Days, which I haven’t been to in 3 years.
– During that week-long trip I held a yard sale at my mom’s house for which I went through boxes and boxes of childhood memories.
– I rode a Segway. The same segway, actually, that Justin Beiber rode when he was in St. Louis and apparently crashed because he was texting.
– I started a 5 day cleanse which lasted 2.5 days.
– I attended my husbands 10 year high school reunion.
– I found out one of my best friends ever is going to have a baby. (So happy but yet…so scary)

OK, Now that you’re caught up, I’ll go back to the new job part.

My supervisor and I have been doing a program at a Children’s Home in Mt. Vernon, Illinois. From what I’ve read the home originally started as an orphanage a million years ago and since the needs of the community have changed it is now a home for runaways and/or troubled youth. I’m not exactly sure how the girls get placed there…If the parents send them there or if the system does. And I’m not exactly sure what the girls do to get placed there (they aren’t allowed to talk about why they are there to anyone but their therapist…not even each other) But the girls range from probably 14-18.

Now..I’ll admit I was a little hesitant about going there. After all…I had NO IDEA what these girls did to get in there, AND they’re teenage girls which is a whole other kind of dangerous. I thought they would be mouthy, have a bad attitude and sit with their arms crossed rolling their eyes at the thought of doing Girl Scouts (much like I would have been at age 16.) But after being there the first week it was very clear these girls were nothing like that. I was more than surprised.

These girls sat quietly, were engaged, answered questions, laughed, all got along and respected us and their surroundings. A few even gave us hugs as we left and thanked us for coming. Really?  I thought. I guess a change of surroundings can change anyone. Some of these girls I could see that in the right surroundings and situations they could be problems, maybe being egged on by their peers. But other girls were quiet as can be, polite and even seemed innocent.

Ever since I was younger I had this fascination about why people are the way they are. I people watch ALL the time. Make up stories about people and families in my head. Try to determine their life story. I want so badly to know the stories of these girls so that I can understand why they are in the position they are in. Have they had a horrible home life? Were their parents really strict and now they’re rebelling? Was everything at home perfect and they just ended up with the wrong crowd? Have they been abused? I know I’ll never know the answers to any of those questions but I still try to figure out their story in my head when I’m there.

I’ve now visited the home 6 or 7 times and actually enjoy going there. I like watching the girls continue to learn life skills that will hopefully help them when they leave the home and go out on their own. I like to think that we are instilling some values in them that they can use in the real world. After all….that’s what Girl Scouts is all about, right? I guess the old adage is true…don’t judge a book by its cover. Noted.


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The Thanksgiving Post

So for my Thanksgiving post I intended to do something along the lines of a  “25 days of Thankful” post where every day in November I would jot down what I was thankful for that day. I made it to November 7. So instead I thought I’d do a “25 Things I’m Thankful For” but I could only come up with 10 or 12 or so before I started sounding superficial (i.e. I’m thankful for my Zune, for my computer, for Verizon fixing my phone, for coffee in the morning and so on) I can only say I’m thankful for my Family, Friends and Health in so many ways. (Which don’t get me wrong.  I truly am Thankful for all those things and much more) BUT instead of doing anything like that I chose to amuse you all with some hilar Black Friday ads because let’s be honest, that’s Thanksgiving is really all about.

I will also be cooking my very first turkey this year. Which promises to be amusing. Don’t worry, I’ll be documenting it for your enjoyment.

This one literally made me laugh out loud. And made my husband almost spit out the milk he was drinking. That’s how you know a commercial is funny.

This made me chuckle a little. Genius Idea for a commercial.

And of course the beloved Crazy Target Lady. Did you know she’s also on Twitter?

Hope everyone has a Safe and Happy Thanksgiving!

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First off – my apologies for the lag in updating posts. Life has been busy and quite frankly shits been crazy

So in honor of Labor Day this last weekend and the official end of Summer, I’d like to share my 25 favorite things about Autumn (and yes,
I call it Autumn and not fall…it just sounds classier, ok?)

1. BOOTS! (be ready – a lot of these involve clothing items)
2. College Football
3. The utility bill (compared to Summer)
4. Trees changing colors

5. The return of Merlot Season (I’ve missed it so much)
6. Tailgating (or any kind of outside day-drinking)
7. Fantasy Football
8. Sleeping with the windows open
9. Jackets
10. TV season premiere week
11. Leaves crunching under my feet
12. Blankets!
13. Carmel Lattes

14. Flannel sheets and electric blankets
15. Hoodies
16. Slipper socks
17. Smell of pies baking (I swear I’ll try to make one this year)
18. Sweatpants.
19. Hot coffee on the patio

21. Bonfires
22. Homemade Hot Chocolate
23. My Snuggie (quit judging me)

24. Soup/ Chili Season
25. Carving Pumpkins

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I know, I know, with vices like Facebook, Twitter and YouTube, do we REALLY need anything else from distracting us from being productive? The answer probably should be “No” but if you’re like me…it’s a resounding “Yes!”  And I don’t know about you, but I can only look at PeopleofWalmart.com so many times. So I’m sharing a few websites I can always visit to ensure I get a good laugh and pass a little bit of time.

Texts From Last Night

Post Cards From Yo Momma

Confessions Of A Love Addict

My Very Worst Date


Happy reading & I hope this makes your 5 o’clock come a little faster!



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In the beginning, this site was started as a way to start writing again and to post things that entertain, inspire, motivate and even frustrate me. I guess I never really intended on anyone actually reading it. I used to write all of the time when I was younger and it was nice to be writing again and expressing some of the things I had been going through as a (hopefully) maturing young adult.

I recently read a post on blogging by James and Jax That really made me think….WHO actually IS reading this? Am I really prepared to know that the LAST person on earth I would want reading these words is devouring every single post? It’s a scary and unsettling thought. And then, like the author of this post, I thought of the compliments I’ve received and how happy it makes me when someone says “I love your blog!” (I’m surprised every time that someone actually reads it) It makes me feel really great to know that there are other people out there that relate to what I write and to know we’re all going through the same things just in our own different ways. So, while it’s unsettling to know that my worst enemies or people I’ve let out of my life are reading everything I write, it makes it worth it to know that there are people out there that get something out of the posts. So I will continue to write and express the things I go through because ultimately, I started this blog for ME. And if other people get something good out of it, well that’s just icing on the cake.

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1. I hardly ever drink beer in the winter. Merlot is my drink of choice.
2. When I do drink beer, my all time favorite is Leinenkugel’s Summer Shandy.
3. I am currently obsessed with CSI.
4. I hate going to bed at night with dirty dishes in the sink.
5. I have to have the covers all on straight before I go to sleep at night.
6. My favorite wedding gift I received is an electric wine bottle opener. It still amazes me every time I use it.
7. I am a self diagnosed Insectophobian.
8. I have lived in 7 different states in the last 7 years. They are (in order) Iowa, Missouri, New Mexico, Michigan, Massachusetts, Maryland and Illinois.
9. I don’t really believe in “signs”
10. I do believe in aliens.
11. I was once on the cover of my hometown Chamber of Commerce’s Membership Directory. Also the Visitor’s Guide.

12. I LOVE boardwalks.
13. The only thing I’ve ever ordered at a Mexican Restaurant is a chimichanga.
14. I love interior design.
15. I’ve used the same car air freshener scent since my junior year of college.
16. I once rode an elephant.
17. Below is my husbands favorite picture of me from when I was little. It was in my hometown’s newspaper.

18. I haven’t slipped once when introducing myself and said “Numann” instead of “Sowers” since I got married.
19. I take my camera everywhere. But always forget to take it out and take pictures.
20. I was a month old when I rode on my first airplane. And then didn’t do it again until I was 21.
21. I have a stellar immune system. I was 27 when I got strep throat for the first time. And I’ve never had the flu.
22. I’m a baker, not a cooker.
23. I want to start my own business doing social media for universities and non-profits.

24. I miss Dunkin Donuts like you wouldn’t believe.

25. Lay’s Tangy Carolina BBQ chips are the best chips I’ve ever eaten in my life.


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